Tarn & Dadou, a dynamic area between Toulouse and Albi

The grouping of local authorities Tarn & Dadou was born of the will of its local elected to give a common identity  to living areas of Gaillac and Graulhet. For twenty years, our territory has continued to develop and enhance its attractiveness, according to its urban development increased by the highway Toulouse-Albi, so that the population has doubled in that period. The grouping of local authorities, principal partner of its 29 member municipalities, has supported and carried on the expansion.

One of the largest grouping of local authorities of Midi-Pyrenees
Tarn & Dadou is now one of the largest grouping of local authorities of Midi-Pyrenees, either in size or number of inhabitants. Bringing together 29 municipalities for nearly 50,000 inhabitants, it represents a comprehensive and dynamic central area between Toulouse metropolis and the agglomeration of Albi. This implies a next transformation in urban community and allows it to have a better institutional and economic visibility in the area of Tarn and Midi-Pyrenees. Tarn & Dadou employs around 200 people.

Territorial planning and economic development
The primary competence of the grouping of local authorities is to promote economic development and to improve a coherent and harmonious urbanization. This policy has resulted in attendant measures for installation and development of enterprises and employment, improving the attractiveness of our countryside and our urban hubs and the creation of social housing.

The economic support
The team of economic hub of Tarn & Dadou is a privileged interlocutor for the project sponsors or companies wishing to locate or expand our territory. It is available to assist in setting up projects, obtaining aid or subsidies, access to resources (water, energy, communication networks) or to lands in industrial zones. The accompaniment is also sustained by business incubators.

Areas of activities
Tarn & Dadou has 9 areas of economic activities spread across the country (particularly along the highway) on which a hundred companies have settled for almost 950 jobs. Each with a specific vocation according to their location or size, they can accommodate all types of projects. The role of the grouping of local authorities is to develop and market the dedicated lands and to attract companies to develop there in optimal conditions.

The business incubator
Tarn & Dadou also facilitates support to project managers through his business incubator- hotel Granilia, located on two sites. At Gaillac and Graulhet, business founders can rent premises (offices and workshops), share services and enjoy a personalized accompaniment that allows them to become emancipated.

Convenience services for the entire population
The quality of life in our country depends largely on how it is organized by the public authority : infrastructures, roads, shops, businesses, etc.. If the local authorities, like councils, are taking their share largely in the development of local services, the grouping of local authorities Tarn & Dadou also animates a range of local services to assist you in everyday life and reinforce the attractiveness of our territory, particularly in terms of cultural facilities or services for young children.

Zoom on the economy in Tarn & Dadou
The economic territorial organization of Tarn & Dadou is structured around three areas: an area of ​​strong agriculture(vineyard), an historic industrial hub in reconversion (basin of Graulhet) and a developing region with diversified expansions (Tarn valley).
Tarn & Dadou is an attractive area, the third economic hub of the Tarn. The economic sector is dynamic, based primarily on a fabric of PME/PMI in growth and a vineyard that promote the image of Gaillac. To cope with the  population growth, it relies on a greater development of secondary and tertiary sectors.